The Bidayuh Village

The Annah Rais long house we visited is approximately 50km from Kuching and is a Bidayuh village. The long house started construction with 3 houses and has expanded to 146. The house still retains its traditional concept but have long received supplies of clean water and electricity. Visitors can drop by their handicraft exhibition and try out our local delicacy; sweet potato chips.

Visitors can also enjoy a rafting at Annah Rais, which is among popular activities. Rafts were originally used as a mean of transportation and for fishing around the village. Today, Mrs. Siti Mayut is the only person making rafts in the longhouse and she explained that there are different types of bamboo for various uses. For example, bamboos used to make firewood is not the same as bamboo used for cooking rice. So is the bamboo to make a palanquin. Since bamboos are important their lives, most residents of Annah Rais grow their own bamboo on land. In the past where boards were difficult to find, they used bamboo to build their floor.

Mrs. Siti even showed us how to cut and trim bamboo using a machete. She also taught us how to make ropes using a large, simple bamboo in which the bamboo was cut, split and cleaned. The skin was then sliced into strips. Next, she demonstrated how to tie the bamboos together to make a raft. The base of the raft uses bamboo that has a relatively large diameter and is usually made from Punai bamboo. Mrs. Siti has been doing raft works for over 10 years since she started following her parents when she was younger.

The experience at Annah Rais was a valuable one. From learning how to tie rafts to learning about the different types of bamboo and its uses. We also had the opportunity to control and manoeuvre the rafts.  We got to appreciate the beauty of nature and this strengthens our connection with it.

An Experience by: 

Nabil Fikri bin Jusri
Ayu Wandiera Faziera binti Hasbi
Omar Sufian bin Zulkiflee
Sharifah Katikah binti Wan Samsudin
Mohamad Alif Farizal bin Ahmad Fuad
Balveen Kaur Sokhal A/P Jasbir Singh
Siti Rahmah binti Mohamad Husaini

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