The journey to Bung Jagoi from Kuching takes about an hour. Guests are required to register themselves as a safety precaution. Situated in the Bau area, Bung Jagoi is a village of the Dayak Bidayuh people and is known for its location on the top of the mountain which measures at about 299 metres high. The trail from the bottom covers over 400 steps and is accompanied by the sounds of chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. The path to the top of Bung Jagoi is easy and clean. Each phase of Bung Jagoi is associated with names based on the stories and myths that exist at each spot. Like Ban Boya, which has a history of crocodile sightings on the mountain as passed down by the ancestors of the guide's grandfather who is a native of Bung Jagoi. 

In addition, there are some wonders to be seen on the way to the summit of Bung Jagoi. The first place to rest while climbing Bung Jagoi is found after about an hour of climbing. This relatively easy hike can be tiring for those who rarely hikes. The first stop is called Bung Tesen and hikers can expect to see hornbills here. The second stop is no less magical, with only 15 minutes to go, climbers will reach the next stop, Ayak Bikubu. This stop was used as a fortress in times of war a long time ago due to the presence of the constantly flowing stream from Bung Jagoi. This makes Ayak Bikubu a strategic place of war because of its water source. Today, the stream at Ayak Bikubu is still flowing and climbers can quench their thirst here.

The ascent to the summit of Bung Jagoi continues for 10 minutes but along the way, hikers will arrive at the village of the Dayak Bidayuh. This was among destinations we were looking forward to. I was in awe when I first saw the village with my own eyes. The entrance is decorated with flowers of many colours. The houses in this village seem to be well preserved with their traditional architecture. Visitors can drop by the Bung Jagoi handicraft shop where you can purchase the creative works by residents and other tourists of Bung Jagoi. After wiping the sweat off and putting the bag in the house, we continued our journey to the summit for another 15 minutes. We finally reached the top and could enjoy the views of famous places in Sarawak such as Serikin including the Malaysia-Indonesia border. The sunny skies surrounding Bung Jagoi make the view more pleasant.

Guests are served with a delicious Dayak Bidayuh meal. After enjoying our meals, we went sightseeing around the Bung Jagoi village. We had such an enjoyable time that even the hike down to the foot of Bung Jagoi felt extremely short. All in all, Bung Jagoi is definitely a place to visit. 

An Experience by: 

Nursyasya Irdina Mohd Shahrom
Shaida Salwi
Nur Shazreena binti Ali

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