This traditional game is called Ketinting, also known as Teng - Teng. In the Malaysian society, Ketinting is generally regarded as the traditional game among the Malays and the Malay Archipelago. However, there are theories suggesting that the origin of this traditional game is from Rome or Ancient China. Roman theory states that this game was created to train the physical strength, agility and the thinking of ancient Roman soldiers (Zulkifly, 2013). The children of that period of time had transformed this soldier's training into a small-scale espionage game.

The theory further states that Ketinting came from China and that the form and manner of the game is more similar to today's Ketinting. In China, this game is based on the symbolic journey of a person's life, where the beginning symbolises 'Earth' which means that a person lives on the Earth, while the last box represents 'Heaven', meaning that the person has passed away and the spirit has reached heaven. The stone used by the player represents the 'life' of the player (Zulkifly, 2013). However, the origin of Ketinting cannot be identified simply by referring to both theories.

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