Batu Seremban is one of the traditional games in Malaysia that has been inherited for generations. This game is also known as Selambut or Serembat. The name Selambut is used on the northern and eastern coasts of the Peninsula while on the west coast of the Peninsula is known as Seremban. These Seremban stones are usually played by girls. The game can be played individually or in a group and is available during leisure time as well as in the appropriate areas. It is commonly known that this game uses stones to play, but seeds, marbles, rubber seeds, pebbles or lumps of round objects can also be used as the tool. Before starting the game, each participant will first weigh the stones to determine their turn. The turn is determined by the number of stones gained by each participant, from the biggest to the smallest. One of the most important rules in the game is that the player cannot touch the unused stones. The winner of this game is determined based on the number of points collected throughout the game.

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